Hearts in Tiny Chests (PS) Pollination Servies
      Ongoing video work 2017-2022


Quotes, images, sound from:

-Silent Spring (1962), Rachel Carson

-About Looking (1980), John Berger

-A Foray into the Worlds of Animals and Humans   with A Theory of Meaning (1934)
Jacob Von  Uexhüll

-Bee (2006) Claire Preston

-How like a Leaf (1998) 
 Thyrza Nichols Goodeve & Donna Haraway

-In Praise of the Dancing Body (2016)
 Silvia Federici

-The Georgics Book IV (29 BC),

-The Life of the Bee (1901),
Maurice Maeterlinck

-Critical Animal Studies: Thinking the   Unthinkable. The trouble with
 Posthumanism: Bacteria are people too (2014)     Zipporah Weisberg -
 Research Repository St, Andrews UK 2015

-Maya the bee,(1975) Hirshi Saito,
 Mitsuo Kaminashi and Seiji Endo

-The Adventures of Maya (1924) Wolfram Junghan

-The Bee Movie, (2007)
 Simon J. Smith and Steve Hickner
 (and Jerry Seinfeld)

-The Fly,(1987) David Cronenberg

-The Swarm,(1978) Irwin Allen

-The Killer Bees,(1974) Curtis Harrington

-Joseph Beuys’ Honeypump at the Workplace (1977)

-The Beekeepers and the Birdnester, (1568)
 Peter Brueghel the Elder

-(Several adaptions of)The Flight of the   Bumblebee (1899), Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

Thanks to:

Egon Lund (and the others from The School for
Beekeeping, Cph)
Thomas Bo Østergaard
Professional beekeeper Klaus Hviid Petersen
Scientist Annette Bruun Jensen

video stills

Hearts in Tiny Chests (PS) Pollination Services

Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Kbh  
Forms of Entangelment 2018

Hearts in Tiny Chests (PS) Pollination Services

Galaria Tajamar / Tajamar living complex
Santiago del Chile  

Hearts in Tiny Chests (PS) Pollination Services

Marabou Parken Kunsthal
Community services 2019